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P/N AB003 Refrigerant 12
P/N AB003 99.9% purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB013 Refrigerant 134A
P/N AB013 99.9% purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB201 R-12 replacement(cheap)
P/N AB201 purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB221 R-134A replacement(cheap)
P/N AB221 purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB053 Refrigerant 502
P/N AB053 99.9% purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB057 Refrigerant 507
P/N AB057 High purity
25LBS (11.3Kgs)
P/N AB023 Refrigerant 22
P/N AB023 99.9% purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
50LBS (22.7Kgs)
P/N AB041 Refrigerant 407C
P/N AB041 High purity
25LBS (11.3Kgs)
P/N AB045 Refrigerant 408A
P/N AB045 High purity mixed Refrigerant
24LBS (10.9Kgs)
P/N AB049 Refrigerant 410A
P/N AB049 High purity mixed Refrigerant 25LBS (11.3Kgs)
P/N AB234 Refrigerant 23
P/N AB234 99.9% purity
30LBS (13.6Kgs)
P/N AB037 Refrigerant 404A
P/N AB037 High purity mixed Refrigerant
24LBS (10.9Kgs)
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